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Health insurance coverage evaluation for Chicago

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Health Insurance

At Kappel & Apple we believe that our services actually begin after you’ve selected the health insurance plan that’s best for your company or yourself. We think it’s important that you make an educated decision about your insurance coverage. We will present and explain all of your options before you choose your plan.

Review Existing Coverage
First, we’ll review your existing policy to determine whether you’re receiving the most coverage for your cost. We’ll need a current census of all employees, including age and gender of each to approximate competitive rates.

Present Options
Next, we’ll present your options in detail and answer all of your questions. You may already have the best value. With over twenty years in the industry, we can spot deficiencies quickly and present options for improving coverage.

Questions or Changes? Call Us
Once you’ve selected your policy, however, that’s when we begin working for you. When you or any of your employees have a question about your coverage, call us. When you need to make any changes to your policy, call us. When you want to make sure you’re complying with any related regulations, such as COBRA, call us. We will handle everything for you.


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