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Long Term Care

Kappel & Apple understands that everyone has different attitudes about life insurance. We follow a process we’ve developed over the past twenty years to make sure your needs are met, both now and in the future, as you’re deciding which path to choose in selecting your life insurance policy.

Needs Analysis
First, we’ll discuss your needs for life insurance in terms of your current and future financial situation. Are you interested in a life insurance policy that can double as a long term savings plan? Or is life insurance something you’re purchasing “just in case”?

Based on your current situation, your possibilities for the future and your attitudes toward life insurance, we’ll recommend a few options. There are two basic types of policies: level term and permanent.

Level term is life insurance that you make payments on over a specified period. There is no cash value that builds up over time. If you die, however, your loved ones receive the face value of the policy.

Permanent life insurance is also referred to as whole life, universal life or variable life insurance. All of these policies provide ways to build savings through a life insurance policy. You commit to investing a specified amount over a given number of years, and the cash value of the policy grows over time. You can usually borrow from the policy if you need to. Naturally, if you die, your loved ones receive the face value of the policy.

Policy Selection
We’re always available for consultations, suggestions and to answer questions. Once you’ve selected your policy, you’ll receive statements from the insurance provider, but you should always call us with any problems, requests or changes.

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