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Kappel & Apple benefits and financial services

Kappel and Apple's Clients

"When I first met with Rick Kappel, he insisted that we become educated about health insurance and our options. He presented what they considered the best options for our company. There was a surprisingly wide range in pricing.

"The most surprising part of the process was the amazing, unprecedented service we have received from the Kappel & Apple customer service group. With any other insurance broker I’ve used, once the policy was purchased, I was on my own. Questions? Call the insurance company. It just wasn’t their problem. Not so at Kappel & Apple. They actually call me to see if we need anything.

"I had an employee who had been terminated but was still on our policy. They arranged all the paperwork with him, so that he could benefit from the reduced rates that the Obama administration had implemented. Kappel & Apple makes sure we are following the letter of the law at every step.

"When we have a claims issue, we call Kappel & Apple, not the insurance company. They truly function as our advocate in any situation we’ve encountered. I never really knew what an insurance agent was until I met Kappel & Apple!"

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